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Pope Striping is a Licensed Contractor offering full service Paving, Sealing, & Striping of parking Lots for over 30 years.

Here at Pope Striping Our professional services exceed our competitors because of the quality and pride that our personnel put into their work. Our professional, knowledgeable, experienced team of striping, seal coating, runway professionals, equipment operators, and project managers are the best in the business.

Pope Striping has an impressive and modern fleet of trucks, striping machines, paint truck and support vehicles. Pope Striping provides airport striping, taxiway striping, road marking, reflective striping, non-reflecting striping, parking lot striping, pre form thermoplastic, highway striping, seal coating as well as patching, paving and parking lot excavation. Pope striping uses state of the art and modern equipment and modern technology to ensure the job is done not only efficiently, but also with the highest quality in the business.

You can depend on us for all of your striping and pavement marking needs, including airport striping, taxiway striping, reflective and non-reflective striping and more!

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Striping Paint
Pope striping also offers our own line of specialty paints available for various special applications.

Paint, sometimes with additives such as reflective glass beads, is generally used to mark travel lanes. It is also used to mark spaces in parking lots or special purpose spaces for handicap parking, loading zones, or time restricted parking areas. Colors for these applications vary by locality. Paint is a low-cost marking and has been in widespread use since approximately the early 1950s.

Paint is usually applied right after the road has been paved. The road is marked commonly by a truck called a "Striper." These trucks contain hundreds of gallons of paint stored in huge drums which sit on the bed. The markings are controlled manually or automatically by the controller who sits on the bed. Paint is run through a series of hoses under air pressure and applied to the roadway surface along with the application of reflective glass beads. After application, the paint dries fairly quickly.

Painted symbols, such as turn-lane arrows or HOV lane markers, are applied manually using stencils or pre form thermoplastic.

Pope Striping is proud to have our own Thermoplastic machines and Truck.

One of the most common types of road marking based on its balance between cost and performance longevity, thermoplastic binder systems are generally based on one of three core chemistries: hydrocarbons, rosin esters or maleic modified rosin esters (MMRE). Thermoplastic coatings are generally homogeneous dry mixes of binder resins, plasticizers, glass beads (or other optics), pigments, and fillers. Their use has increased over paints mainly due to the performance benefits of increased durability, retro-reflectivity, and a lack of VOC solvents. Click here to read more

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